Research by Val Brodie originally undertaken for the Southam Heritage Collection 2014 Exhibition Southam Women in WWI. It has been further developed for this web site which commemorates the opening of the hospital in April 1917.

We are grateful to the following for information, advice and the generous permission to use photographs:

  • Bernard Alsop
  • Mary Bicknell
  • Liz Bishop
  • Sister Mary Paul Burtenshaw
  • Robert Cardall
  • Gwen Cheney
  • Simon Colbeck
  • Linda Doyle
  • Wallie Fell
  • Jackie Graham
  • Margaret Grant
  • Alan Griffin
  • Bill Griffin
  • Tony Grimes
  • Gillian Grute
  • Gill Ingham
  • Sue Light (deceased)
  • Cissie Osom
  • Debbie Martin
  • Gill Reid
  • Alan Sturley
  • George Thacker
  • Monica Tomkins
  • Malcolm Thomas
  • Mary Williams

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