Running the Southam Heritage Collection involves a substantial annual outlay to cover boring, mundane, but essential, things like rent, insurance etc. Currently these items cost around £6,000 per annum. It is not possible to get grants from public bodies to cover these ongoing, but nevertheless essential, costs.

Many people who have not joined the Southam Heritage Collection as a member have nevertheless kindly made a donation to the Collection, including bequests in their Wills. In some cases these donations have been substantial and we are extremely grateful to the people who have made them.

Wherever possible we ask anyone making a donation to consider if they can sign a “Gift Aid” form as this substantially increases (25% at current taxation rates) the value of their donation to us at no cost to themselves, and furthermore if they are higher rate taxpayers they can claim back a proportion of their donation from HMRC.

To make a donation please click on this link to download our Membership form and fill in the appropriate sections (including the Gift Aid one) and return it to us.

Thank you for your very valuable contribution towards our work.