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Window Displays

Normally at this time of year we would be hosting our first exhibition of the New Year but unfortunately due to the virus we cannot do this at present. We are still planning on getting an Exhibition in place just as soon as we are allowed to open up our Display Room again. What we can do in the meantime though is to offer you the opportunity to purchase one or both of the two new books that we published towards the end of 2020. 

Chapel Ascote – A Deserted Village was written by our Secretary Linda Doyle. Linda has been involved in a multitude of local history projects in and around Southam for many, many years. In addition she spends a lot of time researching family history and the result is a vast knowledge of local history and local people. One of the things that started Linda writing this book was curiosity about who were the people who lived in Chapel Ascote, a village which no longer exists but which was just down the road in the direction of Banbury. See Chapel Ascote for more details.

A Collection of “Cardall’s Corners” is the first of what we hope will be a series of books pulling together articles featured in the District Advertiser. Pam McConnell, our Treasurer, manages the production of the Cardall’s Corner articles. These are published free of charge by the Advertiser and we are very grateful to them for this. Many people look forward to getting their monthly copy of the Advertiser because of the Heritage Collection stories contained in it. If you missed early versions of these stories (there are more than 20 in Volume 1) or would like them as a present you can now buy this volume and help support our work. See Cardall’s Corners for more details.

Just as soon as we are allowed we will re-open the Exhibition Room in Tithe Place with a new exhibition and you will once again be able to purchase our cards, prints, local history books and other items to help support our work.

If you enjoy the Cardall’s Corner articles that normally appear in the District Advertiser magazine, please note these were still being produced even when the District Advertiser was not able to print a paper version. They are all (past and present) available to view on this website under the Southam History menu. Hence you can catch up on about 6 articles that never made it into the printed version of the Advertiser. A new article is added every month.

Our plans to publish a series of booklets comprising compilations of past Cardall’s Corner articles have had to be put on hold while printing works have been shut down but now that business is returning to normal we are re-engaging with the printers and we hope to be able to publish the first of these compilations in the not too distant future so please watch this space for further news.

The Publications section of this website has a list of books, cards and other items of merchandise that you might like to buy.  We were asked to participate in the Southam Book Festival which is being held in a virtual environment this year and so we produced a 20+ minute vido with a group of our volunteers speaking about the books they have written or have strong memories about including our latest one by Linda Doyle on the deserted village at Chapel Ascote. You can view our video by following this link to the YouTube web site or go via the Publications menu to view a brief description of each of the books that are available. 

Please contact us via email or Facebook if you have photos, documents, information or items that relate to Southam’s history. We are always interested to hear from you.

At Tithe Place we are very fortunate to have two very large windows where we can display different aspects of local history. 

These two windows (one facing High Street and visible from the outside of the building and the other in the Atrium area as you enter the building) have undergone a bit of a makeover during the Summer. We are now using the external window to display posters about local history in place of the Exhibitions since we cannot open the Exhibition room fully just yet. 

The Atrium Window on the other hand has undergone a slightly more radical makeover – over the Summer we have replaced the previous three A1 poster boards (which could be quite difficult to view because of the large window strip down the middle of them) with two larger A0 boards. This means we can now have a single board in each window or we can have one board and something else beside it. At present we have one large display board containing a comprehensive history of the Craven Lane Hut which has been in the town for nearly a century now, and in the other half of the window we have our large screen television showing large scale copies of each of the twelve photos that are included in the 2021 Calendar. On the window ledge you can see coopies of most of our publications. 

We use both these display areas to good effect, raising awareness of the Heritage Collection, and also providing interesting visual information about various aspects of the town and surrounding area’s history.

We aim to change the displays in both windows on a 6 – 8 weekly basis (more frequently than our main exhibition) so there should always be something new for you to take a look at.  

200 Club

A big thank you to everyone who bought 200 Club tickets in time for the start of the new 2020 / 2021 lottery in June. We have been overwhelmed by your generosity, as the 200 Club is an extremely valuable source of revenue for us.

You can still buy tickets now for the rest of the current lottery year. A ticket costs just £5 and there is a chance to win a minimum cash prize of £10 every month from now until next May. Two larger ‘bonus’ prizes are paid in November and May depending on the number of tickets sold.

To find out how to buy your 200 Club tickets, please Click Here

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