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Centenary Archive

Window Displays

From Friday May 24th until October, we have our summer exhibition of 2019 open for you to come and visit. This exhibition displays a large number of children’s toys and games, both commercial and handmade, dating back from the 1960s to Victorian days. It includes a series of posters telling the stories of many of these items, quite a lot of which have been kindly loaned by Southam residents in addition to those from the Collection. These much-treasured toys and games now seeing the light of day have been lovingly stored away by their owners as treasured memories of fondly remembered childhood hours when life was so much simpler. Come and see if your own toys are featured or remember who was on ‘Watch with Mother’.

It is an interactive exhibition with the opportunity to try your hand at bagatelle, learn the ancient hunt board game of “Fox and Geese” or challenge a friend with an old favourite such as ‘Snakes and Ladders’ or ‘Chess’, plus all our usual local history booklets and 200 Club tickets are available for purchase.

Come and take a look. The Exhibition is open in Tithe Place opposite Southam Library as follows:

Tuesday, Friday and Saturday mornings 10:00 to 12:00 until late October. 

Admission free.

Contact us for group visits at other times.

We have created an archive of stories – a Centenary Archive – which formed the basis of our major WW1 exhibition during 2018. In the Centenary Archive we have included stories from people who had relatives living in and near Southam during WW1.

We researched:

  • Southam WW1 service men who lost their lives
  • Widows and orphans – how they remade their lives
  • The wounded and survivors – what the future held
  • Former Southam men who served in the Canadian and other armies
  • Nurses, VADs and medics from Southam
  • Patients from The Grange Red Cross VAD Hospital
  • Troops billeted in Southam pre Gallipoli in 1915

Click on Southam VAD Hospital and WW1 Centenary Archive to view the results of our research. Contact Val Brodie for more information and to correct any errors or share additional details.

One of the many benefits of moving the Heritage Collection into Tithe Place is that it is now almost impossible for residents and visitors to miss catching a glimpse of some aspect of Southam’s History. However, you may not have realised it is now possible to see three different displays, two of them whether our main exhibition room is open or not and one for 24 hours each day.

This is all possible because we now have two very large windows and we are using these to display completely different aspects of local history from that on display inside our Exhibition Room. These windows are in the Atrium passage way on your way to the Library, Café or Activity Room in Tithe Place, and on the outside of the building just on the right of the entrance. Currently this latter window is in a bit of a cul-de-sac walkway but it is easily visible even from across the road.

We are aiming to change the displays in both windows on a 6 – 8 weekly basis (more frequently than our main exhibition) so there should always be something new for you to take a look at.  

Our latest display in the Atrium window features the Marton Museum of Country Bygones.  See here for additional details of Marton Museum. Take a look at one or both windows next time you are passing.