Donating Items to the Collection

We are always interested in considering items for inclusion in the Collection.  However storage space is very limited, and it may be that we have an example of that object or document in the Collection already.

Here are some of the basic questions we ask before accepting donated items into the Collection:

  • Is the item connected to, or associated with Southam or the surrounding area?
  • Does it provide an important illustration of, or contextualise the lifestyle of Southam district?
  • Do we have enough space to store it, and the facilities to preserve and look after it properly?
  • Do we already have one in the Collection?
  • Would a digital copy (scan of a photograph or document) be more appropriate?

In the past we have had to turn down potential donations because they are simply too big for us to store.  We are always pleased to take digital copies (scans) of important documents or photographs for the Collection.  If in doubt, we will take advice from our mentors at the Warwickshire Museum Service.

If you would like to donate an item to the Collection, please contact us to discuss.