The Southam Heritage Collection is totally dependent on the support of its volunteers. Everything that is done by the Collection, for the Collection or on behalf of the Collection is done by volunteers. Have you thought about volunteering your skills to help?

Everyone, as they go through life, is constantly acquiring and developing skills that can be used to help organisations like the Heritage Collection – its just that often we don’t realise what we take for granted, and assume everyone else can do the same but it just isn’t the case. Each and everyone of us can use the skills and experiences we have acquired throughout our careers to help organisations like the Southam Heritage Collection.

The activities Southam Heritage Collection is involved with involve management skills, technical skills, computing skills, photography skills, presentation skills, speaking skills, people skills,  organisational skills and communication skills to name but just a few. We can make use of virtually any skills that people have.

Current projects we are involved in include:

  • Documenting and cataloguing items
  • Scanning and photographing items
  • Creating an electronic record of items
  • Researching aspects of local history to develop exhibitions and publications
  • Writing publications
  • Designing and producing exhibitions from existing material
  • Developing talks
  • Giving talks
  • Fundraising, locally and applying for grants
  • Communicating with members
  • Publicising the Collection’s work to the media (newspapers, radio and TV)
  • Governance – meeting museum standards, achieving accreditation
  • Developing contacts with other local organisations
  • Working with regional groups relating to tourism and promoting the town etc
  • Stewarding exhibitions
  • Involving young people – schools, cubs, scouts, guides etc

The possibilities are endless and the list above is by no means compete. All the above areas are being worked on at present but the amount of effort and time that can be spent is necessarily limited by the number of people who are currently involved.

If you would like to try your hand in any of the above areas, or others that haven’t been mentioned, then we would be very pleased to meet you. Please come along on any Tuesday or Friday morning and talk to us about what you could do or contact us at southamheritage@hotmail.com. There is no obligation for you to get involved but why not give us a try and see if there is some area that you might be interested in helping with.