200 Club

If you don’t want to become a member of the Southam Heritage Collection but you don’t have time to volunteer then maybe you would consider purchasing a “200 Club” ticket. Each year starting in June we run a prize draw. Tickets are £5 for the whole year and there is a £10 prize for the lucky winner each month with a larger prize in November and May. The size of this larger prize depends on the number of tickets purchased and this year (2018/19) with nearly tickets it is worth £50 in November and May. Tickets can be purchased at any time during the year but are only valid for that year’s competition.

To enter click on the picture below and print and fill out the first page of the form and return to Pam McConnell at the address shown. If you are able to set up an annual standing order, and let Pam know, we would really appreciate it since it would help our administration costs and also ensure you never missed a draw.