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WW1 Centenary Archive

Cardall's Corner - September 2018 - by Val Brodie

People in Britain, across Europe and around the world are commemorating the tragedy that was WWI. As Armistice Day approaches in November, at Southam Heritage Collection we are continuing to develop the Centenary Archive, a permanent record for future generations of ...

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WW1 Southam’s Canadian Connection

Cardall's Corner - March 2018 - By Val Brodie

The story of the Bull family of Daventry Street is a complex, courageous and tragic one. Sadly in 1903 Ada Bull, died and her husband George, a baker, was left with four youngsters to bring up: Ida (15), Nellie (13), George (10) and John (8). George senior took the bold step of moving the whole family to Canada. ...

2020-05-23T18:22:01+01:00March 7th, 2018|Cardall's Corner, Memories, People, WW1|3 Comments

The Hunting Season

CARDALLS CORNER - February 2018 - by Linda Doyle

The Great War changed the British way of life by starting to narrow the class divisions between the rich and poor. Previously, a year was not only divided into four weather seasons, but by social and lifestyle ‘seasons’ as well. One such season was the fox hunting season during the autumn and winter months. [...]

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All our Yesterdays

CARDALLS CORNER - January 2018 - by Chris Holding and Pam McConnell

Our new exhibition titled ‘All Our Yesterdays’ opens on Tuesday 9th January and will be available to view on Tuesday and Saturday mornings (10am to 12 noon) at Vivian House, Market Hill, until the end of April. To begin this New Year we are going ‘back to basics’ by creating a display featuring some of the [...]

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Southam Coat of Arms

CARDALLS CORNER - December 2017 - by Bill Pease

The arms and crest of Southam are familiar but how many of us know their origins and meaning? They were granted by the College of Arms to Southam Rural District Council on 19th May 1959. The red and silver of the shield are the basic colours of the arms of both Warwickshire County Council and [...]

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The Merestone

CARDALLS CORNER - November 2017 - by Helen Morris and Len Gale

In the year 998 Aethelred (the Unready) gave some land which included Southam to Leofwine, the father of Earl Leofric of Coventry whose wife was the famous Lady Godiva. The description of the land still exists written in Old English in a Charter. The boundaries of Southam were carefully marked and remembered through the custom [...]

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Mop Fairs

Cardalls Corner - October 2017 By Jenny Frith

Mop or Hiring Fairs started when, in 1351, Edward III passed the Statute of Labourers to regulate the labour market after the Black Death had resulted in dire shortages of labourers. They were held in the Autumn on or near Michaelmas Day in bustling Market Towns which had many nearby villages to attract both employers and employees. [...]

2017-10-25T19:34:02+01:00October 25th, 2017|Cardall's Corner|1 Comment

I’ve got some more barrels for you

CARDALL's CORNER - August 2017 by Alan Griffin

Walking the turnpike road towards Fenny Compton on a hot August morning in 1848, James Read pondered some remarks addressed to him months earlier following a case at Southam Magistrates’ Court. The phrase ‘Somebody should pay dear for this’ had stuck in his memory. Read was the Southam Division sergeant in the Knightlow Hundred Police Force and in [...]

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Southam Fairs

CARDALL'S CORNER - June 2017 By Alan Griffin

Many English fairs have their origins in Medieval times during the reign of King Henry III. The Benedictine monks of Coventry Priory were granted a market charter for their Southam manor in 1227. They subsequently received grants for fairs on St Peter and St Paul’s Day (June 28), St George’s Day (April 23) and on the Feast of St Leger (October 2). [...]

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Pip, Squeak and Wilfred

CARDALL’S CORNER - February 2017 By Jenny Frith

Until recently, I thought Pip Squeak and Wilfred were (only) cartoon characters from the 1920/30s. They were on a comic strip in the Daily Mirror newspapers children’s column from 1919 right up until 1956 and, in the early days, also in the Sunday Pictorial. Pip was a dog, Squeak a penguin and Wilfred a rabbit. [...]

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The Bells of St James

CARDALL’S CORNER - January 2017 By Robert Sherriff

The following article by one of our members who is also a bellringer, gives us an insight into the workings of the bell tower of St James Church and the history of the bells themselves.

There are eight bells in St James Church bell tower and they sit in a double deck steel “H” frame, donated by [...]

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The Winter of 1947

CARDALL’S CORNER - December 2016 By Rowan Parker

In January 1947, along with his 18th birthday cards, Rowan Parker received his National Service call-up papers. It snowed on and off from Christmas, but in March the snow fell in earnest, and this is Rowan’s account of a trip home from Leamington in that famously snowy Winter of 1947, nearly 70 years ago. [...]

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