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Mop Fairs

Cardalls Corner - October 2017 By Jenny Frith

Mop or Hiring Fairs started when, in 1351, Edward III passed the Statute of Labourers to regulate the labour market after the Black Death had resulted in dire shortages of labourers. They were held in the Autumn on or near Michaelmas Day in bustling Market Towns which had many nearby villages to attract both employers and employees. [...]

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I’ve got some more barrels for you

CARDALL's CORNER - August 2017 by Alan Griffin

Walking the turnpike road towards Fenny Compton on a hot August morning in 1848, James Read pondered some remarks addressed to him months earlier following a case at Southam Magistrates’ Court. The phrase ‘Somebody should pay dear for this’ had stuck in his memory. Read was the Southam Division sergeant in the Knightlow Hundred Police Force and in [...]

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Southam Fairs

CARDALL'S CORNER - June 2017 By Alan Griffin

Many English fairs have their origins in Medieval times during the reign of King Henry III. The Benedictine monks of Coventry Priory were granted a market charter for their Southam manor in 1227. They subsequently received grants for fairs on St Peter and St Paul’s Day (June 28), St George’s Day (April 23) and on the Feast of St Leger (October 2). [...]

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Pip, Squeak and Wilfred

CARDALL’S CORNER - February 2017 By Jenny Frith

Until recently, I thought Pip Squeak and Wilfred were (only) cartoon characters from the 1920/30s. They were on a comic strip in the Daily Mirror newspapers children’s column from 1919 right up until 1956 and, in the early days, also in the Sunday Pictorial. Pip was a dog, Squeak a penguin and Wilfred a rabbit. [...]

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Dances and Celebrations

CARDALL’S CORNER - January 2016 By Helen Morris

There have always been memorable shows and dances to entertain the people of Southam, and some residents have had their reminiscences recorded by Southam Heritage Collection. Doreen Smith remembered that her father, Clement Smith, the Midland Bank manager after WW2, started a youth club called ‘The Sparklets’ based at the Old Court House (now the [...]

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Southam’s Department Store

CARDALL’S CORNER - February 2016 By Linda Doyle

I’m sure most of you will have heard about, or seen, the TV series ‘Mr Selfridge’ and what is implied as his ‘new invention’ of a London department store at the turn of the 20th Century. Perhaps what isn’t realised is that department stores were already very much ‘in fashion’ by then, and Southam had [...]

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Wellesbourne’s WW2 Airfield

CARDALL’S CORNER - March 2016 By Ian Brodie

We are used to seeing aircraft above us here in Warwickshire. Airliners carrying holidaymakers and business people to all parts of the globe pass high above our heads and others, bound to or from Birmingham airport are much lower. As you take the road from Wellesbourne, where the Sunday market is held, on your way [...]

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Warwick Road

CARDALL’S CORNER - April 2016 by Robert Sherriff

Having lived in 3 houses on Warwick Road I thought I would comment a little on my favourite route into town.

Drifting downhill from Ufton one crosses the River Itchen thereby entering the Parish of Southam. A few yards further on the right hand side is the site of the Woodbine Inn which gave the name Woodbine Hill to [...]

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Warwick Street

CARDALL’S CORNER - May 2016 By Robert Sherriff

This month Robert continues his reminiscence journey from Warwick Road up to Market Hill.

Once over the brook bridge below Abbey Green, Warwick Road becomes Warwick Street as far as Market Hill. Almost opposite the jitty to Oxford Street was a small shop, “M Sherriff-Pork Butcher”, this being my Aunt Mag who made and sold the [...]

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Cementing Relations in Southam

CARDALL’S CORNER - June 2016 By Helen Morris

People through the ages have been interested in the limestone found around Southam. The material, known as Blue Lias, was laid down during the Jurassic age 180 million years ago, and was first of interest as a source of lime used by farmers. In recent times it has been used for making cement, and locals may remember [...]