The Day War Broke Out

Cardall's Corner - September 2019 - Rowan Parker

On August Bank Holiday in 1939 our family were sitting on the beach at Bognor Regis enjoying the sea, sand and sunshine. Suddenly the quiet ...

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The 1939 National Register

Cardall's Corner - August 2019 - Linda Doyle

After Britain declared war on Germany on 3rd September 1939, it was announced that ‘National Registration Day’ would be on 29th September. This ...

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Harbury Cement Works in WW2

CARDALL’S CORNER - August 2016 By Janet Cox

The Harbury Cement Works (HCW) was as near to Bishops Itchington as it was to Harbury. Indeed the men from Bishops Itchington walked or cycled down a lane or across a field from the village to go to work at HCW, which for many years was the only work around, apart from agriculture.

We lived in Bishops Itchington and [...]

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Wellesbourne’s WW2 Airfield

CARDALL’S CORNER - March 2016 By Ian Brodie

We are used to seeing aircraft above us here in Warwickshire. Airliners carrying holidaymakers and business people to all parts of the globe pass high above our heads and others, bound to or from Birmingham airport are much lower. As you take the road from Wellesbourne, where the Sunday market is held, on your way [...]

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