Stage Coaches

Southam in the coaching era Before the arrival of the railway, Britain had the fastest and most efficient form of public overland transport the world had ever seen. The age of the stage coach in the early years of the 19th century was something of a golden age in long distance travel but it was [...]

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Fred Abel

Fred Abel – One of life’s characters Camping at the road side Over several summers, I had seen Fred Abel and his entourage camped by the roadside near Southam. One day back in the 1970’s I again spotted Fred camped on the grass verge at Kites Hardwick and [...]

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Silent Cinema

Southam Cinema In the early years of the twentieth century and for many years before that, the old Southam Court House in Oxford Street was the only public hall in the town and as such was used for a wide variety of functions. Murderers and lesser criminals were arraigned before the magistrates who sat there; [...]

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Southam Windmill

Southam Windmill In Medieval times and for many centuries since, the miller was a valued and greatly respected member of the feudal society. He enjoyed relatively more respectable status compared to the ordinary peasants and serfs. There was a mill in practically every village which was the property of the Lord of the Manor [...]

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