The Day War Broke Out

Cardall's Corner - September 2019 - Rowan Parker

On August Bank Holiday in 1939 our family were sitting on the beach at Bognor Regis enjoying the sea, sand and sunshine. Suddenly the quiet ...

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Oral History

Cardal's Corner - June 2019 - Helen Morris

In 2007, shortly after joining the Friends of the Cardall Collection, I volunteered to work on collecting oral history – that is, recording spoken historical memories. It is one of the best ways ...

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Speed Records

Cardall's Corner - March 2019 - Bernard Cadogan

Speeding vehicles on our roads is a problem that we are all aware of, and most of us will know of someone who has been ‘caught speeding’. With two of the country’s leading car manufacturers, Jaguar and Aston Martin Lagonda, having facilities within seven miles …

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Joseph Arch

Cardall's Corner - February 2019 - Pam McConnell

In February 1872 a meeting of farm labourers was held at Wellesbourne, Warwickshire. The meeting had been called to address the problems of the rural working poor. About 30 people were expected, but over 2,000 turned up, and this meeting led to the foundation of the National Agricultural Labourers Union …

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Southam Fire Brigade

Cardall's Corner - January 2019 - by Linda Doyle

An old adage describes fire as being a good servant but a bad master: fire provides basic needs for life, but can also destroy in an instant. Today the risk of fire is less than it was when houses had open fires and thatched roofs - sparks could cause disastrous …

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WW1 Commemorations

Cardall's Corner - November 2018 - by Val Brodie

As a hundred years passes since the ending of the desperate war of 1914-1918, details continue to emerge in Southam of the men who died, who served and of what was done to assist the wounded here on the home front. This photograph was recently donated to Southam Heritage Collection. Southam people raised money ...

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Wills, Probate and Edward Tomes

Cardall's Corner - August 2018 - by Linda Doyle

Old Wills and probate make incredibly interesting reading when researching families and local places. Admittedly they will only be found for those of means, but for the more lowly of us, if we know who an ancestor worked for, then they are sometimes named in their employer’s Will as a beneficiary. The …

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Farming, Cement, Wine & Hats

Cardall's Corner - July 2018 - By Linda Doyle

William Griffin (1791 -1861) was one of a large family of Griffins who lived near Southam and was a tenant farmer of mixed arable land and pasture at Stockton Fields. His family had been farmers in Fenny Compton before 1660 and had moved via Farnborough and Avon Dassett to Stockton in the early 19th century and there they stayed ...

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