I’ve got some more barrels for you

CARDALL's CORNER - August 2017 by Alan Griffin

Walking the turnpike road towards Fenny Compton on a hot August morning in 1848, James Read pondered some remarks addressed to him months earlier following a case at Southam Magistrates’ Court. The phrase ‘Somebody should pay dear for this’ had stuck in his memory. Read was the Southam Division sergeant in the Knightlow Hundred Police Force and in [...]

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Southam’s Royal Grandson – Captain Locock

By Alan Griffin

While reading my daily newspaper one morning, my attention was drawn to one rather unusual story. An application had been lodged by Nick Locock with the Court of Arches, the Anglican Church’s senior legislative body. This application was to exhume the remains of a man interred in a family mausoleum in the churchyard of St Nicholas church [...]

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