The large window facing the High Street is visible from the outside of the building any day of the week and we are using it to display different aspects of local history from that focussed on in the Exhibition Room. 

During this year, amongst other things, we are using this window to co-ordinate with the British Legion’s Galanos residential home in Southam to celebrate their 100 Centenary Birthday celebrations. We will be collecting WW2 and National Service memories alongside Galanos and will use these in displays, so do feel free to contact us about any material you may like to contribute.

This window also features notices about what we are doing and includes posters about local history in Southam and surrounding villages.

The Atrium Window inside Tithe Place is opposite Southam Library on the way to the café and is available to view whenever Tithe Place is open.  We have replaced the three previous A1 poster boards with two larger A0 boards, which means we can now have a single board display on each side of the window or we can have one board and something else beside it. At present we have one large display board featuring an old aerial photograph of Southam and in the other half of the window we have our large screen television showing a local history video when we are open and for short periods after closing time. On the window ledge you can see copies of most of our publications and if we are closed, details of how to purchase in other ways.

We use both these display areas to good effect, raising awareness of the Heritage Collection, and also providing interesting visual information about various aspects of the town and surrounding area’s history.

We aim to change the displays in both windows on a 6 – 8 weekly basis (more frequently than our main exhibition) so there should always be something new for you to take a look at.