Cardall’s Corner

Each month the Southam District Advertiser kindly publishes a short article written by one of the Southam Heritage Collection’s members. The article, usually accompanied by a photograph, describes either an item or document from the Southam Heritage Collection, or it covers an element of local history relating to Southam and the surrounding villages.

Following publication of each article we will include a copy of the article together with any pictures in the Southam History section of this web site. Under the Southam History menu item you will find two lines which will show you a list of pages where you will find all the Cardall’s Corner articles we have online. We are placing the Cardall’s Corner articles there to establish a single location for all these and similar articles. This will allow you to add comments relevant to each article should you wish to add further information. In addition if you feel you would like to contribute an article to be included in this section please contact us (see click here for contact details) together with a copy of your suggested article.

This page will remain in place for the foreseeable future as it contains the only versions of the 2015 Cardall’s Corner articles in addition to duplicate copies of the 2016 ones.

We would like to express our thanks to the District Advertiser for publishing these articles.

December 2015: Memories of Christmas Past by Alan Griffin
November 2015: Keep the Home Fires Burning by Val Brodie
October 2015: Made and Sold in Southam by Helen Morris
September 2015: The Southam Spitfire by Linda Doyle
August 2015: High Street Memories by Rowan Parker
July 2015: Southam from the Air by Linda Doyle
June 2015: Southam’s Least Known Memorial by Alan Griffin
May 2015: Harbury Cutting by Bernard Cadogan
April 2015: Stoneythorpe Hall by Helen Morris
March 2015: Gallipoli Troops billetted in Southam by Val Brodie
February 2015: The Legend of St Fremund and the Holy Well by Jenny Frith
January 2015: Southam’s Mill by Linda Doyle
December 2016: Winter of 1947 by Rowan Parker
November 2016: Southam’s Sacrifices on the Somme by Val Brodie
October 2016: A Chorister Looks Back by Alan Griffin
September 2016: Southam Banking by Linda Doyle
August 2016: Harbury Cement Works by Janet Cox
July 2016: A Victorian Summer Holiday by Val Brodie
June 2016: Cementing Relations in Southam by Helen Morris
May 2016: Warwick Street by Robert Sherriff
April 2016: Warwick Road by Robert Sherriff
March 2016: WEllesbourne Airfield by Ian Brodie
February 2016: Southam’s Department Store by Linda Doyle
January 2016: Dances and Celebrations by Helen Morris