Alan Griffin is a Southam man born and bred although he now lives in Leamington Spa. However Alan has always had a keen interest in local history ever since his childhood days when his parents owned the Windmill on Welsh Road. Some years ago Alan realised that there was no comprehensive history of the Southam men who rallied to the cause in 1914 – 18 for King and Country and who paid the ultimate price. Alan was determined to research the history of those men and document it in a suitable format. The result was the book of which the cover is shown opposite.

Alan not only conducted many hundreds of hours into researching many different archive sources but also paid for the printing and publishing of the book himself as a tribute to the fallen. Alan has donated copies of “Lest We Forget” to the Heritage Collection to sell to help with its funds. Copies are available from Vivian House for £8.95 with all proceeds going to the Collection. In addition to copies of the book Alan has also donated his research records for the book to the Collection.

Copies may be obtained by sending a cheque for £8.95 plus £1.50 p&p made payable to “Southam Heritage Collection” at Tithe Place Community Rooms, High Street, Southam, CV47 0HB including your name and address – if you live in Southam we can deliver, so no p&p needed. During the Covid-19 lockdown please send an email to with your postal address and we will send you details of our bank account for electronic payment.