Our 2021 exhibitions are under the umbrella title “After the War, Southam from 1945″ starting with a large aerial map of Southam c.1950 in the atrium window.  Our publications include an interesting little book by Helen Morris, “Southam Zoo”, which was on the Daventry Road between the 1960’s and 90’s. Many local children will remember visiting, or hearing the big cats roar in the quiet of the night.  Some will also remember the day a monkey escaped into St Mary’s School grounds, or the penguins that swam off down the River Stowe!

Much new housing materialised after the war. Stowe Drive was built on the old Home Farm land and we have old bottles for sale which were discovered in one of the gardens in recent years.  They are ideal for making that special gift associated with Southam for as little as £1.

As the year progresses we will be featuring other areas of local history such as Southam’s new post-war schools, when both primary and secondary schools replaced the old Victorian schools in School Street, which are still there.  We find out what was there before Wood Street car park, or the supermarket on Oxford Street and even way before Tithe Place itself. 

There are videos to watch, starting with a talk about Tithe Place (click to watch the video), and about Wood Street Car Park on our Exhibition Room TV.  Plus more information on different posters and leaflets.

You can also see an old valve radio, a record player and pop records, as well as some of Southam’s aviation history and other post war features of the town.

So do call in over the summer and see us, and if you want to keep your distance, then pick up our Town Walk and Public House leaflets and take your own socially distanced history walk around the town with family and friends.

Also you will be able to purchase our cards, prints, local history books and other items to help support our work.