The Hunting Season

CARDALLS CORNER - February 2018 - by Linda Doyle

The Great War changed the British way of life by starting to narrow the class divisions between the rich and poor. Previously, a year was not only divided into four weather seasons, but by social and lifestyle ‘seasons’ as well. One such season was the fox hunting season during the autumn and winter months. [...]

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Warwick Road

CARDALL’S CORNER - April 2016 by Robert Sherriff

Having lived in 3 houses on Warwick Road I thought I would comment a little on my favourite route into town.

Drifting downhill from Ufton one crosses the River Itchen thereby entering the Parish of Southam. A few yards further on the right hand side is the site of the Woodbine Inn which gave the name Woodbine Hill to [...]

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Warwick Street

CARDALL’S CORNER - May 2016 By Robert Sherriff

This month Robert continues his reminiscence journey from Warwick Road up to Market Hill.

Once over the brook bridge below Abbey Green, Warwick Road becomes Warwick Street as far as Market Hill. Almost opposite the jitty to Oxford Street was a small shop, “M Sherriff-Pork Butcher”, this being my Aunt Mag who made and sold the [...]

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