Southam’s Four Remaining Public Houses

CARDALL'S CORNER - July 2017 By Linda Doyle

In the late 18th / early 19th Century it is estimated that Southam had 15 pubs operating at the same time. Today, Southam has just four remaining public houses, but each of those four pubs boasts a historical background as long as the arm that raises your pint of beer! During the 17th Century there were [...]

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Southam’s Public Houses

CARDALL's CORNER - May 2017 By Linda Doyle

Southam has always been known for its wealth of public houses, which for years numbered as many as fifteen at any one time, and once catered for a population of one public house per 60 inhabitants of the town! However, it makes a little more sense when you realise that from early mediaeval times, Southam has [...]

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Southam Theatre 1822

Shakespeare on Tour - Macbeth in Southam, 22 November 1822 There was some excitement around Southam Heritage Collection when we were asked to contribute to the BBC’s Shakespeare on Tour project in March 2016, part of the commemoration of 400 years since the bard’s death. Numerous local radio stations across the country honed in on [...]

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