Cementing Relations in Southam

CARDALL’S CORNER - June 2016 By Helen Morris

People through the ages have been interested in the limestone found around Southam. The material, known as Blue Lias, was laid down during the Jurassic age 180 million years ago, and was first of interest as a source of lime used by farmers. In recent times it has been used for making cement, and locals may remember [...]

Harbury Cement Works in WW2

CARDALL’S CORNER - August 2016 By Janet Cox

The Harbury Cement Works (HCW) was as near to Bishops Itchington as it was to Harbury. Indeed the men from Bishops Itchington walked or cycled down a lane or across a field from the village to go to work at HCW, which for many years was the only work around, apart from agriculture.

We lived in Bishops Itchington and [...]

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Southam Banking

CARDALL’S CORNER - September 2016 By Linda Doyle

For many years until March 2016, Southam had two banks: Lloyds and HSBC (formerly the Midland), both situated in the town centre. Today, only Lloyds remains, and at the time of writing, the former HSBC building is up for sale.

Banking in Southam is known to go back to 1835, when in September of that year the Leamington [...]

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